We dispose of 80 m² of screen, variously modifiable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the qualities of our screen and our experience we are capable of providing also nonstandard solutions: discontinuous surfaces, horizontal or vertical belts, arcs. We provide our screens as a complex solution including our own ground support; it is also possible to set them up on a stage, on stands or on scaffolding. In cooperation with our partners we are able to provide much larger tracts of LED screen (X-factor Nova 200 m²).



- RBXT GLO 4,8 outdoor
- RBXT RW 3,9 indoor
- LEDbow SunRunner 6/12
- Led perimeter P3,9
- Led perimeter P6
- Dural support ATC Trust
- nivtec 2000x1000
- Cameras 3CCD SONY
- 8 Vmix HD