Led screens

Large-scale LED screens are doubtless the highest-quality technology available and they can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. Unlike projectors, plasma TVs and LCD displays, they are independent of light conditions, have brilliant brightness, high contrast and fast refresh rate.


Multimedia cubes

Multimedia cubes provide all audio-visual and informational functions in sport and multipurpose arenas: timekeeping for several sports, sport information, camera views, still replay, commercials and announcements. The customers are usually provided with the cubes together with all related devices, equipment and also with the assembly and cabling

Video systems

In order to be able to produce the video program for the screens and multimedia cubes we supply our customers with full video equipment: stationary or remote controlled cameras, cameras with operator, digital video mixes, sport replay systems, video-referee systems, displays, recorders and other necessary devices.

Timekeeping and score-boards

We focus mainly on supplying timekeeping and luminous score-boards for ice-hockey, large score-boards with LED screens for football stadiums and universal panels for several sports. The panels furnished with LED technology have high brightness, low energy consumption and long service life.